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Realm Digital wins Mail & Guardian digital account

Realm Digital 14 April 2022

Among the many emerging impacts of the recent pandemic, eagerness to catch up on the news and happenings of the world in the comfort of one’s bed or couch has become increasingly in demand. Safe to say this is one online business that has been booming and the Mail & Guardian is no exception to this. A quality investigative and news publication, based on a culture of editorial independence and excellence, known for having published a weekly newspaper since the first edition in 1985, the Mail & Guardian became the first news organisation in South Africa to launch a website in 1994.

A voice for the people

Committed to the ideals of their journalism when it comes to accountability and transparency, the Mail & Guardian (M&G) aims to create space for debate and diversity, to defend freedom of expression and to combat racial, political, and religious prejudice. Editor-in-chief, Ron Derby inarguably states, “We stand in solidarity with the powerless and vulnerable and we strive for a more just and compassionate South Africa.”

New beginnings, new partnership as Realm grows in the news sector

Realm Digital is thrilled to be teaming up with news publication pioneers, the Mail & Guardian, as we grow our portfolio in this industry. Realm’s vision for M&G to have a larger, world-class digital footprint is supported by their undeniable experience in digital transformation from a design, development, and strategy perspective. “Our proven expertise in the digital news and media industry over the last 22 years, paired with our passionate team, translates well into creating rapid business transformation and innovation within a business such as M&G.” says Realm Digital CEO, Simon Bestbier. This, combined with the 37 years of experience held by the team at M&G, can only lead to great initiatives in the near future. 

The core team members from both sides of the fence have begun engaging and recognise synergy in terms of goals and strategy for the year ahead. M&G editor-in-chief, Ron Derby, shares in the excitement, ‘We are delighted to partner up with Realm Digital as we embark on our journey to adapt with the shifting consumption habits of our readers. For a long time, our newspaper has been the holy grail of our business but, we recognise the need to become mobile-first, desktop-second and then finally, continuing to deliver our newspaper. Our partnership with Realm Digital is sure to help position us alongside our leaders and peers in industry – by repackaging our content with the right technology partner to ensure we have an online presence where it counts”.

We see a mutually beneficial relationship forming and are excited for what looks to be a fruitful, long-term partnership.

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