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Put digital strategies at the heart of your business health

Realm Digital 04 August 2022

Because it’s survival of the fittest out there

At first glance, you might think digital transformation is about improving revenue and efficiency while adding value. It is, but there’s more. Not only can implementing digital technologies and applying digital strategies protect and promote your business, but it can also transform your company.

Through digital transformation, you can put forward more innovative products, create real value for customers, connect people and systems like never before, draw insights from data, connect the dots, and turn your whole business into an experience. You can meet your customers at all the traditional touch points AND create all-new ones.

An effective digital strategy enables you to adapt to ever-changing market conditions, not only as a matter of business health but of survival….

Uber and streaming apps like Netflix aren’t just good businesses, they are innovations that transformed industries. Those that didn’t have digital health on their radar didn’t survive. When last did you “hail a taxi” instead of ordering an Uber? When last did you go to the DVD store rather than conveniently “Netflix and chill?”

Holistic business health through digital strategies and transformation

It’s survival of the fittest out there, so you have to put digital strategies at the heart of your business health. Being the ‘fittest’ doesn’t boil down to any one thing. It’s a cumulation of different factors, like speed, endurance, power, agility, balance, coordination, and composition. These happen to all be components that promote holistic business health too.

Technology and software development/integration can ensure your business has that holistic package –  giving you the edge you need to be the leader amongst your competitors. 

Allow us to substantiate that claim…


With the right technology and digital strategy in place, such as process automation and digitisation of manual systems, businesses can leverage off accurate, real-time, data-driven decision-making. From here they can draw insights, produce relevant products, design the ultimate user experience, and go-to-market at light speed.


Business is the ultimate endurance race. Sustainability and longevity are imperative. An ongoing and evolving digital strategy is the only way to achieve that in a discerning-consumer climate. Personalising user experiences in a meaningful way can, and will, promote loyalty.


Even smaller businesses can now take on big players with digital at the heart of their business health. Technology puts the power of scalability in your hands. Onboarding new staff? Need to grow your data storage capabilities? Having the right digital strategy and technology in place can help you make a smooth transition.


The more digitally equipped a business is, the greater capacity it will have to adapt in challenging times. It also drastically improves your ability to innovate. Automation is like a hands-free kit for your business, giving you the flexibility to focus on what matters.


Think about how easily digitally equipped businesses shifted from office culture to working from home. Digital transformation helps you save time, energy, and resources. This kind of efficiency ensures you aren’t always caught on your heels and in this balanced state your business can thrive! 


Digital transformation improves internal management and culture. A well-implemented digital strategy crushes the old silo mentality, pulls departments together, and ensures alignment. To survive in business the left hand MUST know what the right hand is doing.


What is your business made up of? What consumer touch points do you rely on? Being able to connect with your consumers in a meaningful way, at multiple touchpoints, creates a journey. You might have multiple channels, making you a multi-channel business. But imagine if you could connect all the dots to offer an omnichannel experience that feels personalised, improves customer satisfaction, promotes loyalty, and optimises your data capturing capabilities.


Industries are in constant flux. The right digital strategies can help businesses not only respond in real-time but even predict and prepare for what’s coming. Through efficient data collection and analysis of the cost, value and risk of decisions, businesses can make more informed decisions. With all that said, adopting technology poorly can be catastrophic for your business health. This (unnecessary) fear is what keeps corporate heads from embracing it…

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Enter Realm Digital 

Realm has been empowering industry leaders through innovative business solutions for over 20 years. Put all your fears aside and let us walk you through your digital transformation – helping you discover, design, build, and maintain what is needed. It’s time to create and implement an effective digital strategy, which enables you to adapt to ever-changing market conditions, through our unique innovation framework. 

As for ‘survival of the fittest,’ you don’t just want to survive, you want to thrive. So, if you want to use technology to create new products and services, improve your customer experiences, upgrade your systems, and future-proof your business…

Put Realm Digital at the heart of your business health… LET’S TALK