We breach the gap between business strategy and technology
by helping companies solve problems, unlock value
and achieve their vision.

Realm Digital

For companies to succeed in an ever-changing environment, they need to understand the economic and social impact shaping their customers. To compete, they need to be open to innovation and transformation. As one of the leading and trusted IT consulting companies in South Africa, our team of business consultants will help put your customer at the heart of your business to drive sustainable growth and value.

Here to Partner with You

Our goal is to bring value to your business, which is why we engage in an open dialogue from the start.

To begin, we like to unpack your business’s needs to move forward. From there, we map out a well-crafted plan of action.

Let’s get started

Innovation and Design Thinking

Using the design thinking methodology, we understand the user, debunk assumptions, and redefine problems to identify solutions.

Customer Experience Optimisation

Using data and engaging methodologies, we provide insight into how to improve customer interaction across various channels.

Digital Strategy

We help businesses think differently about formulating practical strategies to approach digital and customer engagement effectively.

IT Cost Reduction

Using our 27 cost reduction levers, we help clients understand and reduce costs in their IT budgets sustainably.

Process Efficiency

We help clients understand, re-architect and streamline their processes and implement solutions to effect change.

Operation Model Design

We help businesses organise and manage their resources to operate effectively and meet business objectives

Robotic Process Automation

We help clients understand candidate processes, optimise these to ensure suitability, and then deploy robots to automate tasks and processes in the workplace, minimizing error and boosting efficiency.

Our Approach

Innovation and Strategy

Innovation and Strategy

We conduct extensive research through competitor reviews and customer surveys to fully understand the current constraints. Ideation workshops are held to refine the findings and develop innovative concepts. Finally, we test the practical feasibility of any solution.

UX Lab

UX Lab

Realm’s UX Lab is set up to deliver a set of user tests, analytics and diagnostics to pinpoint issues with your digital products, uncovering your customers’ experiences and how to improve them.

Customer Experience Optimisation

Customer Experience Optimisation

We provide insight into how, why, and what customers want by developing in-depth “Needs Statements” based on interviews, research and analysis. We will map the customer journey and overall perception of the experience when engaging with your business.

What sets us apart?

  • We put customer experience at the core of everything we do.
  • We partner with you, giving you the framework to identify where the value lies and how to realise it.
  • We understand technology, keeping up to date with developing technologies to ensure that we provide the best possible cutting-edge solutions to you. 
  • We are masters of our craft; our team has the skills you need, and we are motivated to deliver value.
  • We deliver quality and excellence, always.