Innovation Consulting

With a combination of strategic planning, creative thinking, and technical expertise, we help companies identify new opportunities for sustainability and growth.

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Innovation Consulting

Our innovation consulting offering is designed to help our clients stay ahead of their competition by creating and implementing innovative solutions that can improve their products, services, and processes. Our consultants work closely with organisations to understand their unique challenges and requirements and then use a variety of tools and methodologies that encourage creative thinking to generate innovative ideas, identify new opportunities, and develop solutions that help companies become and remain competitive. Our innovation consultants help our clients to remain agile, responsive, and adaptable in the face of changing market conditions, customer preferences, and technological developments.

Our toolkit

Design ThinkingOur consultants use design thinking to approach problems from a human-centred perspective. By empathising with users throughout the journey, we identify their needs and challenges, and develop creative solutions to ensure ideal experiences.
Open InnovationWe use open innovation to tap into external sources of innovation, such as customers, partners, and startups. It involves collaborating with external stakeholders to co-create and commercialise new products, services, or business models.
Technology ScoutingOur experts identify and evaluate emerging technologies that have the potential to enhance a company’s products, services, or operations, allowing them to improve efficiency, reduce costs, or create new revenue streams.
Rapid PrototypingWe create a working model or prototype of a product or service to test its functionality, design, and user experience. This approach allows us to gather feedback and quickly iterate and improve the product or service, reducing time-to-market and development costs.
Innovation HackathonsOrganisations leverage innovation hackathons as a means of bringing together individuals or teams to collaborate and develop innovative solutions to complex challenges, generate new ideas, and evaluate and prioritise opportunities, fostering a culture of innovation.
Lean StartupInnovation consultants use Lean Startup to validate and launch new products or services quickly and efficiently. It involves testing the assumptions behind the business model, iterating on the product based on customer feedback, and scaling the business only when it has achieved product-market fit.
Ideation WorkshopsBy utilising various techniques and exercises to stimulate creativity, we run collaborative sessions that bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds to generate creative ideas and solutions to a specific problem or challenge, with the aim of identifying the most promising ideas for further developement and implementation.
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