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The benefits of staff augmentation

Jaryd Sage 07 December 2022

A successful leader is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and get ahead of the competition. Historically, ideas like scientific management and business process re-engineering moved things in the right direction but kept us within the limited constraints of a permanent, and somewhat rigid, workforce. One way of infusing new skills and expertise into your business is with staff augmentation.

Staff augmentation is being implemented in increasing capacities, with the tech industry being a notably quick adopter. This is because they are an industry of rapid evolution and growth, requiring ever-diverse skills across platforms and applications. Staff augmentation allows you to hire specialised talent teams or individuals for specific projects or outcomes. They work alongside permanent staff and fill in knowledge gaps that are slowing or blocking your goals from being realised.

Why staff augmentation?

Improved efficiency and productivity

When you augment your team, you are effectively increasing the number of resources working on a project. Providing more manpower to work on tasks or projects allows members to be more focussed on specific tasks. This results in shorter turnaround times and more deadlines met – a major boost to productivity. There’s also the benefit of allowing your permanent staff to keep working on their current projects without interruption.

Access to new skills and perspectives

Where your team lacks specialist skills, staff augmentation brings outside expertise into your organisation. An ever-evolving workforce gives you the benefit of keeping your finger on the pulse of today’s tech talent – and hiring the best people when you need them. Having fresh eyes on your processes and procedures also creates opportunities for objective perspectives and improvements. These can show up in areas you hadn’t even considered yet.

Saving time and reducing costs

Investing in internal skill development and hiring permanent new staff can be beneficial. Unfortunately, this process is time consuming, laborious and costly, especially for shorter-term projects. Staff augmentation is a more efficient way to get the talent you need quicker and at a more affordable cost.

Improve flexibility, scalability and adaptability

There’s nothing more stressful than a change of requirement on a project, but unforeseen circumstances are part of the tech world. Staff augmentation reduces this tension by providing flexibility. If the expertise you require has changed, you have the ability to switch to the experts you need. The same principle applies to how often you need the help. You decide who you need and for how long, and make adjustments where necessary.

Stay in control of your team

Another option for short-term projects is to outsource your development to another organisation entirely. Staff augmentation allows far more oversight and control as the experts work alongside your team. This results in members working within your processes, and towards your goals. With this transparency, you can monitor progress and modify when needed.

Reduce geographic limitations

When looking for an expert to fill a specific gap in your business, you want access to the best, regardless of where they are situated. Staff augmentation allows you to hire talent that can work remotely, if need be. This can also reduce costs as you don’t need to factor in physical space in your office space for a temporary team. Find out why South Africa is one of your best options for staff augmentation here.

Expand into new markets

With a diverse pool of talent at your fingertips, you don’t have to limit yourself to projects that you know your in-house team can handle. Staff augmentation allows you to expand your business horizons, because you can hire the people that you need when you need them.

Finding the right partner

In order to get the most out of your augmented team, it’s important to work with the right people. Realm Digital has over 20 years’ experience in the technology industry. It has worked with some of the biggest organisations to provide trusted, tailored and effective teams for their ambitious projects.

If you are interested in considering how staff augmentation can work for your business, let’s chat.