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Realm Digital: Top Reviewed Software Developer in South Africa

Jaryd Sage 11 July 2023

“Anecdotally, Realm Digital’s work was fantastic. The results were beyond our expectations. We had an idea of how the product would look and perform, but the team brought it to life beyond what we could’ve done. On top of that, we’d presented the product to various people, and each had asked if they could get it immediately.”

Head of Strategic Alliances & Sales, Ai SPARK

The Manifest, a leading business news and how-to website, has recently revealed its updated list of the most-reviewed B2B service providers in South Africa, and we are excited to announce that Realm Digital is included as one of the top-rated software developers in the country.

For those who aren’t familiar, The Manifest conducts an in-depth analysis of data, compiles expert insights, and dispenses actionable advice for businesses, large and small. It aims to assist companies in brand building and business growth, delivering practical business wisdom that manifests in measurable success.

This acknowledgement from The Manifest is a reflection of our relentless commitment to excellence and innovation. We are proud of this achievement, which is a testament to our team’s talent, dedication, and hard work in providing software solutions that exceed expectations – and software developers that never stop innovating, learning, and evolving. These glowing reviews remind us why we do what we do and motivate us to push the boundaries of innovation further.

We want to express our profound gratitude to our loyal clients and partners who have trusted us with their software needs. Their support and faith in our capabilities have played a crucial role in this accomplishment. Every review and piece of feedback we receive drives us to refine our strategies, elevate our service, and deliver solutions that provide real business value.

To honour this recognition and our partners’ contributions, we thought it would be fitting to highlight some of our standout testimonials from our profile.

“They were able to contextualize our workflows with a high level of accuracy. It was methodical and logical, and they followed specific steps that ensured they had a clear and accurate understanding of our organization. With the work that Realm Digital provided us with, we were able to lay a high-quality groundwork for building the software.”

Director, Cape Town Child Welfare Society

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