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Realm Digital Expands Into the United States

Jaryd Sage 27 September 2023

As a leading technology company, we’ve been dedicated to driving global digital innovation since our inception in 1999. In 2023, we’re taking a significant step forward in realising that mission by establishing a presence in the US technology market.

To spearhead our efforts in the United States, we’re proud to welcome Eric Heyward as Principal Consultant for Realm Digital (USA). Eric brings a wealth of experience in Agile methodologies, strategic leadership, and business transformation to our team. He is widely recognised as a thought leader in consultant delivery, with an impressive track record of driving emerging technology initiatives, particularly in the realms of big data and machine learning.

“Our expansion into the US is not just about geographical reach—it’s about integrating global talent, vision, and expertise. Eric’s appointment is pivotal in our strategy, and we have full confidence in his ability to lead and innovate.”

– Simon Bestbier, Realm Digital CEO

We’ve already completed numerous successful projects for US-based companies, and this move underscores our commitment to exploring the vast opportunities in the US market while fortifying our presence on a global scale.

We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey and bringing our passion for technology and innovation to new horizons. Stay tuned for more updates on our US venture!

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