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From curiosity to customer: how to encourage the conversion

Realm Digital 29 March 2018

The biggest drivers of change in any business are the ever-changing customer expectations. There’s a divide between what customers expect from their interactions, and what businesses can actually deliver on.

Technology gives us access to view critical customer behaviours, and this presents a business with great opportunities.

Here are Realm Digital’s tips to help you identify, define and deliver on customer needs, and how to ensure your customer goes from just being curious about who you are, and what you do, to becoming a loyal consumer.

Think like a technology company 

Regardless of your industry, you have to think like a technology-driven company. Putting technology at the core of your operation enables you to be as agile as you need to be. 

Ensuring that you have a digital strategy in place is vital. A sound digital strategy that feeds into your business’s greater strategic objectives, enables you to implement the necessary processes to achieve those objectives.

Get to know your customer

Getting to know your customer through data analytics and various reporting tools can equip you to better understand your customer’s needs and wants. It will give you the insights to optimize your service or product offering; enable you to put key metrics in place, and implement changes based on those metrics more efficiently.

While the concept of ‘big data’ can be overwhelming, even for the most analytical among us, the idea of ‘small data’ refers to data ‘small’ enough for human comprehension. It’s data that is accessible, informative and actionable.This would be data you acquire through sign-ups, sales, queries, and other interactions.

Having all this information at hand should prompt you to ask the following questions:

  • Do I have an efficient CRM tool to manage and maintain all this data?
  • Do I have the capacity to strategically react to these insights?
  • Is my product or service truly meeting my customer’s needs?

A CRM tool that works for you gives you a 360-degree view of your customer and equips you to enhance the customer experience.

Keep the customer at the centre

Customer centricity is not just about offering great customer service. It includes a great experience from the awareness stage, through to the decision-making process, and finally in seeing that conversion take place. It’s an approach that puts your customer first, and at the core of all you do.

Establishing a truly ‘digital native’ culture within your business and embracing a customer-centric approach is key. This along with being data-driven, innovative, collaborative and agile, and you have a recipe for success.

The buyer’s journey (whether they’re buying a product or a service), is a complex one, with many factors to consider. To see continued success, you will have to understand the current customer needs and wants and ensure you have the right internal and customer-facing strategies, processes and marketing initiatives in place.

Facilitating the process from curiosity to customer requires the understanding of your customer’s core needs, and how you can utilise technology to aid that final conversion.

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