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5 ways Freshdesk has reshaped customer support

Realm Digital 06 January 2020

As technology continues to help connect businesses more directly with consumers, the responsibility of customer support has taken on a whole new meaning across multiple industries. And with Freshdesk’s omnichannel and self-service customer support solution, communication and engagement have never been easier or more effective.

Freshworks’ ever-evolving suite of software solutions has, for the past decade, helped shape the way companies are able to engage with and support online customers and clients. And having previously dived into the 7 ways Freshchat is transforming customer engagement, below we look at how its sister solution Freshdesk is able to help your business take the next natural step towards securing customers for life.

1. Streamline all your customer conversations in one place

With tech-conscious consumers utilising a wide array of platforms to suit their online needs, being able to engage with customers through their preferred channel is one of the first steps towards providing tailored solutions that matter to the individual. Whether through traditional channels like email and web forms or via social engagements such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, Freshdesk’s single-funnel inbox provides agents with a total view of all online touchpoints and channels, allowing for effortless support and engagement, all from one simple, user-friendly interface.

2. Knowledge is power, and the Knowledge Base is powerful

One of the buzz words kicking around in the customer support arena is “ticket deflection”, but make no mistake, this is far from a passing fad. The goal of ticket deflection is to not only free online agents from the restraints of having to constantly answer the most frequently asked questions, but also to empower customers by directly providing them with the information they need to resolve their own issues before a ticket is even created. This is achieved through the use of the Knowledge Base, where you are able to create, collaborate and promote your FAQ content with ease, be that through written articles, videos, images or attached files, helping your customers find the information they need in the best way possible.

3. Automate the repetitive, save your customers and team time

When it comes to ensuring efficient resolution of customer queries, Freshdesk’s arsenal of workflow automations help elevate your team in all aspects of the support process. From ensuring the right request lands at the correct desk to providing agents with the tools they need to handle multiple tasks in just one click, Freshdesk’s automations are a big part of what sets the bar. That can range from implementing replies to common questions, creating ticket templates for fast, easy work, as well as utilising keyboard shortcuts, bulk actions and custom views – all of which are aimed at providing both staff and customers with a simple, easy-to-use experience that is driven towards satisfaction.

4. Better communication, quicker resolutions

In customer support, efficiency in response and effectiveness of resolution are key factors when it comes to providing the ‘wow’ factor that makes customers sit up and take notice. Being able to quickly and effectively communicate with colleagues and team-mates is, therefore, an integral part of an online support strategy, and Freshdesk achieves this through a number of ways, including internal notes within a ticket, tagging and assigning of agents to various requests, or through Discussion, Freshworks’ unique live internal messaging system to instantly connect your departments to ensure a speedy and accurate response back to the customer.

5. Report. Analyse. Improve. Repeat.

Freshdesk understands the importance of continually improving and optimising not only workflows and processes but also the people who implement them. And, as such, reporting and analytics have been integrated as a priority in the software and are fully customisable to provide the information you most need to elevate your team and business from providing good customer support to great customer satisfaction.

Freshdesk’s reports and analytics offerings also come as a breath of fresh air in the support software arena, where these sorts of services are so often provided at an added cost, and with little to no customisations available.

Excellent customer support could be the difference in your business in 2020. Get in touch with us to explore the endless opportunities Freshdesk customer support has to offer.