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Five tips to leapfrog into digital

Realm Digital 09 May 2016

There’s something about finding the perfect fit. Whether it’s a new pair of running shoes, that little black dress or walking into the dream home you know was built just for you.

This holds true for any business that would like to venture into the digital landscape. The options are virtually endless, but it’s about finding the perfect fit for your brand, and your key business objectives. The question is no longer, ‘should we become more digital?’, but rather, ‘which digital platforms can we best leverage from?’

The great divide

The conundrum that established corporate companies are having to work through, is how to split the marketing spend so that you invest in this ever-growing medium, all the while not completely throwing away the known and trusted, yet declining printed press. Together, in addition to traditional forms of PR and internal communication, this forms a 360 approach to the way we view marketing.

The holy grail for a business that is still focussing a large portion of their marketing spend on above and through the line advertising, is finding a way to incorporate digital elements to digitally reach the part of the market that still consumes and responds to traditional forms of media. By exposing your audience and engaging with them, piques their interest, and eventually, will have them migrating over to the platform that encourages continuous interaction and can allow you to gain valuable customer insights.

In seeing that a digital strategy does not live outside of the bigger marketing strategy, but that the two play an integral part in the success of the other, is where you find that perfect fit.

5 tips to ensure a smooth transition

Allocate a dedicated resource to run with your digital activities. Giving someone in the marketing department additional responsibilities will not enable them to fully embrace and run with this new part of your business.

Even if your first step for now is just joining Facebook or Twitter, it is not something that can be done haphazardly. A content strategy and plan needs to be considered and implemented.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. The digital landscape is an ever-changing one. As soon as you think you’ve got the hang of one thing, the next thing emerges. We’re all learning as we go.

Don’t make the assumption that the turnaround time for something on a digital platform may be faster, so by virtue it’s cheaper. Make sure to allocate sufficient budget to achieving the desired results. The beauty of this space is that you can actually measure your return on investment.

Call on the professionals. Your business does not have to venture down, what may seem a rabbit hole, alone. Call on the help of a digital strategist, a content marketing professional, software developers and collaborate with industry leaders.

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