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Enhance your platform’s usability, increase engagement and experience unparalleled customer satisfaction with our UX Lab

Our UX Lab Approach

Step 1: Competitor Analysis

We analyse and review your local and international competitors in the same or adjacent industries and identify insights and opportunities that must be addressed.

Step 2: Persona Profiles

The most likely current and future customers are researched, analysed and identified. Once the individuals are understood, we can identify individuals for the testing phase.

Step 3: UX Interview & Test

We interview key customers based on the persona profiles, lead by a co-created interview guide, to gather results and insights informing their experiences.

Step 4: UX Audit

Your digital platform is analysed and audited from two sets of sources, and a heuristic evaluation is used to align the product to international UX standards.

Step 5: UX Report

By combining the test outcomes and audit, we create insights and recommendations for the UX report, resulting in prioritised action points.

Step 6: Implementation

Utilising the results of the UX Lab, our experts meet with stakeholders to draw up project charters and put in place definitive plans for the improvement of your UX.

Realm Digital

Our UX Lab is dedicated to enhancing your digital platform or product by closely examining user behaviour and conducting thorough research and testing. Through this expert approach, we can pinpoint areas for improvement within your user experience and offer targeted recommendations for refinement.

Realm Digital

At Realm, we understand that a seamless user experience is critical to the success of your website or other digital platforms. Our UX Lab provides a valuable resource for clients seeking to improve their customers’ experience. By investing in great UX, you can increase customer loyalty, retain existing users, and convert new prospects into satisfied customers. Moreover, a better user experience leads to greater sales, thereby bolstering your financial performance.

UX Challenges We Solve

High bounce ratesUsers are more likely to leave your website or app quickly if they encounter a frustrating or confusing user experience.
Low conversions and salesA bad UX can make it challenging for users to complete desired actions, leading to decreased conversions and revenue.
Low user engagementIf users find it difficult to navigate or interact with your product, they are less likely to engage with it or explore its features.
Customer drop-offUsers who have a poor experience are less likely to return or recommend, leading to decreases user retention and growth.
Loss of trust and credibilityA poorly designed UX can reflect negatively on your brand, making users question the quality of your products or services.
Damage to your brandDissatisfied users may share negative experiences with friends, family, or online reviews, deterring potential customers.
Loss of loyal customersIf advocates of your brand consistently face negative experiences, they may become dissatisfied and seek an alternative.
High support costsUsers experiencing difficulties require more assistance from customer support, increasing costs and response times.
Inefficient use of resourcesInvesting in a poorly designed UX can lead to wasted time and money on development, updates, and maintenance.
Realm Digital

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