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Our RPA consultants work with clients to identify business tasks that are repetitive, routine and mundane for their employees to execute or that they want to implement but don’t have the manpower. Rule-based assignments can be automated by programming RPA bots to interact with digital systems in the same way that a human user would, performing actions such as logging into applications, copying and pasting data, filling out forms, and performing calculations.

RPA technology can automate a wide range of business processes, including data entry, report generation, invoice processing, customer service, and more. Organisations can utilise automation to improve the process and operational efficiency, reduce errors, increase production time, and free up valuable employees to focus on more complex and value-added work, resulting in significant cost savings.

Our toolkit

Process Selection AnalysisThis involves analysing our clients’ workflows and identifying bottlenecks and other areas for improvement. Our experts evaluate and prioritise the potential benefits of automation in order to determine which of their processes are the best candidates for RPA implementation.
RPA StrategyOur experts develop a comprehensive strategy for implementation by assessing your organisation, identifying business processes suitable for automation, and creating a roadmap for RPA implementation. The goal is to align the technology with your business objectives and to achieve maximum ROI.
Operating ModelsWe design and implement frameworks that enable our clients to effectively and efficiently operate their RPA solutions. This covers governance, organisation, processes, technology, and people and is essential to ensure RPA solutions can be scaled effectively and deliver their intended benefits.
Vendor SelectionIn order to meet the organisational needs of our clients, we identify and evaluate potential RPA software vendors based on their capabilities, technology, functionality, performance, scalability, security, compatibility, pricing, and support services. This step ensures that the solutions offer the best value for money and ROI.
Process DevelopmentBy designing and developing automated workflows, our team ensures that processes are efficiently and effectively automated, delivering maximum benefits and return on investment for our clients. This involves creating a detailed process map, configuring the RPA software, and testing the automation to meet our client’s requirements.
Change ManagementWe partner with our clients to identify the need for an RPA solution, define the scope, create a plan for implementation, and manage the change process to ensure successful adoption and minimise resistance. We also navigate and manage the impact of RPA to track and measure its progress.
Run & OperateAfter the design, development and deployment of RPA workflows, we monitor the automated processes to ensure they are running correctly, troubleshoot any issues that arise, and make any necessary updates or modifications to optimise their performance. This ensures the delivery of ongoing benefits and value to our clients.
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