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Our EX consulting experts take a comprehensive approach to understanding and improving the experience of your employees by analysing the various touchpoints and interactions that they have with your organisation. We work closely with our clients to tailor solutions that meet their unique needs, and draw from our extensive expertise in the fields of organisational culture, leadership, policies, and technology to deliver measurable results.

Our main goal is to create an organisational culture that empowers employees to perform at their best and encourages them to contribute their ideas and insights. This, in turn, can lead to increased innovation, greater efficiency, and better overall organisational performance. The goal is to create a positive and engaging workplace that fosters employee satisfaction, engagement, productivity, and retention.

Our toolkit

Employee SurveysOur EX consultants use surveys to gather feedback on various aspects of the work experience at your company, and assess your organisational culture, leadership effectiveness, and employee engagement levels. This data allows us to recommend areas for improvement, and prioritise initiatives to enhance employee experience.
Employee Journey MappingWe visualise and analyse all stages of an employee’s experience with your organisation, from recruitment and onboarding through to development and career advancement. This allows us to recognise pain and pleasure points, highlight improvement opportunities, and develop strategies to enhance employee engagement, retention, and productivity.
Design ThinkingBy leveraging this user-centered approach, we define employee needs and pain points, ideate and prototype solutions, and test and refine them. This helps us to fully understand the journey of your employees, and design interventions that improve communication, enhance training and development opportunities, and establish a productive and satisfied workforce.
Employee PersonasBased on research and data about your employees, we create representations of the typical employee archetypes or profiles and use them to gain a deeper understanding of their needs, goals, behaviors, and pain points. This tool helps to design more personalised and effective employee experiences that drive engagement, satisfaction, and retention.
Organisational Culture AssessmentOur consultants evaluate the culture of your organisation, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, and identifying areas for improvement. This assessment helps us understand how the culture impacts the employee experience, and how it aligns with the your organisation’s goals and objectives.
Change ManagementWe assist in planning, implementing, and managing changes within your organisation to improve the employee experience, while minimising resistance and disruption. Effective change management is critical to achieving successful transformations and can help your organisation to avoid negative impacts such as employee turnover, decreased productivity, and loss of revenue.
Rapid PrototypingWith rapid prototyping, we quickly develop and test potential solutions to improve your employee experience. With an iterative and user-centered approach to solving EX challenges, and adjusting solutions in real-time, we help you to design more effective solutions and reduce the risk of implementing costly initiatives that do not meet the needs of employees.
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