Yue Diligence Self-Assessment Tool

Yue Diligence is an interactive web-based tool that increases due diligence efficiency for entrepreneurs, investors and service providers through process automation.

Yue Diligence Self-Assessment Tool

The brief

Knife Capital wanted to create a free-to-use service, YueDiligence, that provides start-up or scale-up companies with a detailed overview and evaluation of their current standing in relation to companies in the same industry and makes qualified suggestions for improvement.

Entrepreneurs often lack the time, resources and guidance for due diligence efforts, and if done by external advisors can become a costly exercise that is not always seen as an essential expense. The primary goal of this self-assessment tool was for it to provide insights and suggestions that could assist entrepreneurs in reaching and maintaining a competent state of due diligence.

“YueDiligence enabled us to identify growth gaps in our business that we needed to remedy and also helped us tremendously in our pitch preparation to potential investors and business partners.”

Ryan Dingley, CEO of

The solution

The client combined years of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge to provide Realm with a calculated list of questions and weighting thereof. The 270 questions were designed to analyze the readiness, strengths, weaknesses and gaps of an applicant and their business.

Realm brought YueDiligence to life by conceptualising the user journey and creating an easy-to-use and interactive web-based tool. The application collates and analyses responses and provides the user with a presentation of over 23 graphs. The professionally presented online and PDF reports include:

  • A complete, dynamic valuation
  • A financial model
  • Guidance through the due diligence process
  • Key actionable points or next steps

The result

Realm Digital worked alongside Yue Diligence to bridge the information gap between entrepreneurs and investors. This innovative service provides entrepreneurs with a powerful platform that can help them maximize value and increase their competitive edge, as well as become more attractive to investors. 

The valuation and financial model that the platform provides allows users to access their business, and assess their funding readiness and due diligence preparedness. Through the analyses and identification of business gaps in key functional areas, the tool enables users to close them proactively. YueDiligence provides the applicant with valuable recommendations for improvement based on best practices, such as suggesting an HR Manager to oversee staff needs once your team reaches 15 people.

Investors can now use YueDiligence to gain insights into deal flow in a cost-efficient and effective way and prioritise investment spending better. By leveraging advanced analytics, the interactive checklist and data room capabilities reduce the uncertainty during the deal process and enable users to make quicker, smarter and more informed investment decisions.

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