Virtual Reality Boardroom

Our client is a leading financial institution in South Africa. Over many years, we have built a strong relationship based on a shared goal to solve the problems of today and tomorrow with innovative technology solutions and propel each other to the forefront of our respective sectors.

Virtual Reality Boardroom

The Brief

Facing the challenge of engaging the tech-savvy Generation Alpha, our client sought a solution that would align with the expectations of modern employees and establish them as a technological leader in South Africa’s financial sector. The Realm team brainstormed multiple ideas and ultimately proposed the innovative concept of a virtual reality (VR) boardroom.

The Solution

Realm designed and crafted a cutting-edge VR boardroom as a proof of concept to transform collaborative environments within the financial sector and beyond. This virtual setting was meticulously modelled after one of the client’s recently acquired office spaces. It featured a welcoming area, an immersive boardroom, and an adjoining patio with sweeping views of Cape Town. The space was optimised for virtual meetings, presentations, and brainstorming sessions, all while providing a seamless and authentic user experience.

Key Features of the VR Boardroom

  • Supports up to ten users and includes an administrative dashboard for streamlined content management.
  • User-friendly interface for managing presentations alongside an interactive whiteboard for dynamic ideation and strategy planning.
  • Features to save and record whiteboard notes and boardroom sessions, ensuring ideas are preserved and can be reviewed.
  • Advanced security protocols protect communications, with a unique privacy feature for confidential discussions on the virtual patio, isolated from the main boardroom.

Realm provided a full suite of services, including consulting, 3D modelling, texturing, level and asset design, along with the integration of both front-end and back-end development. We seamlessly synchronised all interactions and documents with the client’s AWS infrastructure to ensure enhanced security.

The Result

The VR boardroom exceeded the client’s expectations, providing a proof of concept that challenges the effectiveness of traditional platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet in favour of more personalised and secure virtual environments.

This initiative allowed the client to experience firsthand the future of team collaboration, complete with conducting meetings against the virtual backdrop of Table Mountain, without compromising the security of their communications.

The backend administrative portal features a user-friendly interface for efficient content management and access to AWS-stored files. This project has significantly propelled the discussion on the practical and secure use of VR technology in business contexts, reinforcing our client’s status as a trailblazer in the financial sector.

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