Sanlam Knowledge Base

Sanlam is a South African financial services group headquartered in Western Cape, South Africa. Sanlam is the largest insurance company in Africa and is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the Namibian Stock Exchange and the A2X.

Sanlam Knowledge Base

The Brief

South African leading financial services provider, Sanlam, was on the lookout for a quick and simple way to understand the various questions and concerns their customers were experiencing, along with a means to easily and effectively address these concerns. At the same time, Sanlam had been rolling out various content releases to market via their broker portals, but these weren’t successful in collecting key insights and analytics on the various topics their clients wanted to read more about and gain more insight on. 

Realm suggested the team implement a knowledge base FAQ system, preempting the concerns of Sanlam’s clientele, styled with a Sanlam look & feel.

The Solution

To begin with, Realm Digital acted in a consultancy capacity to help the client understand how their customers currently engage with the brand. The findings revealed most of the engagement stemmed from call centres and emails which were providing limited reporting and analytics to Sanlam. In addition to this, the Realm team performed a social listening and customer journey exercise.

Realm then implemented a cost-effective knowledge base solution with the right search, analytics and reporting functionalities. Key features included suggestive/predictive search text as well as the automation of ‘frequently asked questions’, which pulled through to various web pages of the online system. Analytics for each question in the knowledge base looked at:

  • How many people have looked / clicked on a particular question
  • How many people find the question and related data helpful/unhelpful
  • Questions and article feedback per question could be rated regarding effectiveness whilst also measuring if clients were obtaining the information they were in search of. In an event where the answer to this was ‘no’, the system allowed clients to log a support ticket for Sanlam to further improve their data points and accuracy.

Through the implementation of this sophisticated and neat Knowledge Base FAQ system, the client was able to clearly see what search terms and keywords were being searched for, as well as which knowledge base articles were receiving the most engagement. In addition, Sanlam was also able to regularly add content to this Knowledge Base, ensuring consistently up-to-date and accurate data. This was also enhanced by means of a training guide Realm created for Sanlam to make edits in the system a breeze.

Using this knowledge, Sanlam could enhance and focus on improving the content for these pages and eventually improve their customer experience as a whole.

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