Pype was created as a solution for multiple retail clients experiencing challenges with data compatibility among the many businesses they were receiving data from in different formats. In effect, these retail clients were in search of an effective way to convert the data received into a common format and structure.

The Brief

Realm Digital was approached by various retail clients who were experiencing a common pain point when it came to the collection and management of data from various businesses. They were receiving product feeds from suppliers in a variety of formats (CSV, API, etc.) and file structures, which needed to be aggregated into a central product database. This resulted in a huge amount of administration for their teams to manage on a regular cadence.

The Solution

Realm Digital created a system in which the various file structures could be transformed into common formats that seamlessly and effectively integrated into the system. Imagine a funnel taking all these bits of data and massaging it all into a common format and common structure via code created by Realm. From here, this common structure can be presented to any system that needs to consume it – this is essentially what our Pype solution does. 

This fix resulted in reduced manual work now that individual files did not need to be reformatted one by one. In addition, there were improvements in file error detection as our retail clients were now immediately able to pick up file format errors at the point of transformation which led to better quality data. 

The solution implemented by Realm essentially allowed for a structured file format to be defined which in turn allowed clients to provide files in a supported structure. The client could support multiple file types which allowed them to consume feeds from more suppliers allowing for a more comprehensive product catalogue.

Services Provided

Technologies Used

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