EyeGym Remote Training Application

EyeGym is a leading-edge software visual training program that unlocks one’s potential to make faster, smarter decisions.

EyeGym Remote Training Application

The Brief

EyeGym is a cutting-edge online visual intelligence training software programme devised by visual skills scientist and leader in the field of visual performance training, Dr Sherylle Calder. The client needed an online tool/platform to work with her athletes remotely and ultimately, track their progress on an ongoing basis.

The Solution

Realm Digital designed and developed an application that would replicate an environment of training that elite athletes are accustomed to, allowing them to make better decisions on the field. 

The technology behind EyeGym required an innovative approach to its architecture and had to perform at the highest level of reliability and efficiency.  Our integration into the Discovery Vitality platform allows everyday users the ability to earn Vitality rewards through their participation in these drills. 

Eyegym has seen incredible results with Discovery Insure, who have noted that their loss ratio decreased by 25% in instances where users were also Eyegym members.

The platform has since been used by the following clubs and associations: Tottenham Hotspur FC, Southampton FC, Miami Dolphins, South African Rugby, Australian Rugby and English Rugby teams, as well as Bafana Bafana.

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Technologies Used

  • AngularJS
  • Javascript