Computer Mania E-Commerce Migration

Realm Digital enhanced Computer Mania’s e-commerce store by migrating to Shopify, giving it a fresh look, and optimising the user experience.

Computer Mania E-Commerce Migration

The Client

Computer Mania has established itself as South Africa’s premier independent technology retailer over the past thirty years. With a portfolio that includes 34 physical stores spread across the Western Cape and Gauteng, as well as a flourishing online presence, Computer Mania efficiently services customers both in-person and digitally.

The Challenge

Computer Mania approached Realm Digital to address several issues with their Magento e-commerce website. Although the platform was functional, it needed a significant upgrade to unlock its full potential and support future growth. To meet these needs, Realm Digital proposed migrating to the Shopify platform and redesigning the website to enhance the brand and user experience.

The primary objectives were to:

  • Migrate the store to Shopify.
  • Enhance the site’s performance and speed.
  • Introduce advanced e-commerce features, such as abandoned cart recovery and vouchers.
  • Increase online sales and revenue.

The Shopify migration also presented several additional challenges:

  • Existing customer data, including past orders and details, was malformatted and required extensive cleaning.
  • A custom Shopify plugin needed to be developed to ensure seamless integration with Computer Mania’s existing ERP system.

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, Realm Digital executed the following strategies:

  • The site was completely redesigned to achieve a modern look and feel.
  • Data inconsistencies were corrected to ensure a smooth data migration.
  • Close collaboration with the client ensured the digital strategy aligned with their strategy for the coming year.
  • The product catalogue was restructured to improve navigation, making it easier for customers to explore and find products.
  • Customer experience was improved by implementing live chat and additional communication channels, delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The Result

The project spanned five months, from initial planning to the final go-live phase. Post-migration, Computer Mania experienced the following significant improvements to their e-commerce website:

  • 25% increase in average user engagement time on the site.
  • 21% rise in new user acquisition.

The scalable foundation of the new Shopify-based platform has positioned Computer Mania for future growth, ready to integrate new technologies and adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the online retail market.

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