Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge (AGEC)

The AGEC initiative reflects Allan Gray’s commitment to investing in the country’s future leaders by promoting educational and entrepreneurial growth.

Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge (AGEC)

The Client

Allan Gray, a leading investment management firm in South Africa, co-sponsors the Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge (AGEC) with the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. The AGEC is a gamified platform that aims to build entrepreneurial skills in South African high school students through interactive challenges that promote creativity, problem-solving, and strategic thinking.

The Challenge

Allan Gray needed to modernise and expand the AGEC. They wanted a more engaging and scalable version of their challenge. Realm Digital partnered with Sea Monster and Renderheads to analyse, redesign, and rebuild the platform. Realm Digital focused on building the gaming hub, while Renderheads developed the game itself. The goal was to improve the gamification element, allowing students to complete entrepreneurial challenges, earn points, and interact within a new brochure site and gaming hub. This upgrade aimed to make AGEC more dynamic, accessible, and aligned with the modern digital landscape.

The Solution

Realm Digital led the technical execution of the redesigned AGEC platform. We started with discovery workshops with Sea Monster to understand the project’s scope and requirements. After planning, we developed high-fidelity wireframes and built the gaming hub, which included:

  • A multi-tenancy platform for launching localised versions in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Eswatini.
  • Social login integrations for easy access through Google and Microsoft accounts.
  • Robust user and school management features for students, teachers, and administrators.

The Result

Feedback from Allan Gray on the 2024 Entrepreneurship Challenge has been hugely positive. Not only was the client thrilled with the overall delivery of the project, but they were particularly pleased with the project’s timely launch. The AGEC expanded its reach to Namibia, Botswana, and Eswatini, aiming to engage over 20,000 high school students in 2024.

The upgraded gaming component, designed to be educational and engaging with minimal data use, helps students develop and pitch business ideas. This component is supported by online webinars and school visits, making entrepreneurship education more dynamic and accessible.

The enhancements have set a new standard for educational gamification, reinforcing Allan Gray’s commitment to nurturing future business leaders.

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